My Work…

his is the poem I wrote for Aapa and BIL.

The twenty first of December,
a day you both will remember.

Together you both tied a knot,
and promised to leave each other not.

The happiness on your face,
couldnt be defined in a word or phrase.

And then we got the news that said,
we’ll have and angel at our place

After waiting for so long a little girl was sent to you,
to laugh and cry and to be happy and sing for her a joyous song.

You thanked Him who is above the skies,
for giving you such a beautiful prize.

Your lovely little baby girl will give you so much pleasure,
and over the years will give you so many memories to treasure.

She’s come from the Heavens above and everything to her i new,
so get u new mommy and daddy and show the world to her.

– Mariya


I Am An AUNT… Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Am an aunt finally. After waiting for 9 loooooong months my Aapa had a beautiful Girl :):)

They named her Aroush – Angel Of Paradise :):). She’s the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen or took in my arms. And also shes the only newborn ever took in my arms. She’s the xerox copy of my aapa. especially the nose :P.

Her tiny hands, tiny feet, the way she sleeps -her index finger on her cheek [exactly like her Dad],the way she cries when she’s hungry..Awwwww… everything about her is so nice Mashallah :):):).

Let me give quick details about her

Name : Aroush Owaes Ahmed

Date Of Birth : 30th September 2009- 11th Shawwal 1430

Weight: 3.25 Kgs    Mashallah Mashallah.

May Allah [swt] give Her and Aapa Health and all the happiness of the world. 🙂

One day old and alreay Naughty :P

One day old and alreay Naughty 😛

Thats her. My little angel. More on her later and more pictures too. I have also written a poem for My sister and Brother-In-Law. will post that soon. They are coming home now 🙂


Am Back!!

So… Am back after a very very long time. Was busy with a lot of things. Weddings, College hunting,Cooking,Partying and a lot of things.
So as for the wedding part one of my cousin got married. There was all this dancing,mehndi, gaana and all, It was real fun when all of us cousins were staying at one place and partying all night long! And then getting up in the afternoons and then getting ready for the days function. its was all fun. Dad came down from Riyadh for the wedding. His visit was a short one for 10 days. HE left on yesterday. 😦

As for college,got into St Ann’s College For Women.. Women.. That sounds sooo OLD!! And thats what out lecturers call us… WOMEN!!! >:P.. The college started on 25th june. Its fun going to college everyday and irritate the lecturers and bug all our classmates. I am teh class representative,so i get to roam around the corridors whenever i feel like giving any kind of excuse, like my class incgarge is calling me, or i got some work in the staff room :P.Our group ( 8) are labelled as the most NOTORIOUS group of B.Com 1A.. Especially Me and Juveria. We are always laughing in the class and making others laugh. I was caught laughing uncontrollably by my FIT { Fundamentals of Information Technology} Maám last week and was tld to give a seminars on characteristics of computer. She gae me 3 mins time to revise which was enough coz the topic was not that hard. The seminar was a good one. The best part was there was no question answer session.  :P. Coz last week when we had a seminar in BOM { Business Organisation & Management} there was this Q& A session, the seminar turned out into Debate which turned out into a HUGE fight. So the Ma’am was pissed off and she said no more seminars for our class :P. And the next day she gave me the topic for seminar :P. So on Monday i have to give a seminar on “The  Importance of  The Study Of  Business”. Have been studying for the stupid thins since 3 days. Nothing goes up my head. I hate FA { Financial Accounting},its real bore and the maám runs as if shes gonna miss an airplane..Apart from that everything in the college is just great. The campus is AMAZING. Its so huge that people get lost in the campus. Our building is a maze and its really difficult for u to find a way if u go WRONG!! I have taken Calligraphy as a certificate course. Everything is just PERFECT Alhumdulillah!

As for partying, had freshers today [ party where the seniors welcome the 1st yr students with a lot of fum n masti]. It was GREAT,there was a fashion show,a lot of lovely performances by the seniors and then the DJ. The crowd went MAAAAAAAAAD. All the poeple wwere shouting at the top of their voices. The show was a great success. HAd a great day.

Thats all for now. Amgoing to watch this movie everyone @ home talking about “Shutter”.So till my next post. Have fun and takes cares!!


Happy 18 To Me..!

As I walk along this trodden path,
which I’ve walked on many times.
I think about the things I’ve done,
which I’ve written about in rhymes.

When I think about years gone by,
and what I’d still just like to do.
I pray to our Lord above,
to grant these things that I pursue.

I may not be as erect anymore,
or walk as fast as I once could.
I think about the times I had
and the ground where I once stood.

I still love to walk along,
that path, my life long trail.
I might have lost my youth
and my body might be frail.

But I keep adding to my story,
another chapter to proclaim.
For everything I’m doing now,
I don’t do it for acclaim.

For I’ve paid my life long dues,
and now its time to play.
Just so long as I remember
to thank God when I pray.

I turned 18 today. Cant believe am so old :d!!

Of Summer,IPL,Cooking,Movies etc…

So.. Am back after a long time. Have been busy getting bored at home. The Summer is HORRIBLE. The temperature goes around 50 degrees every day :(. And the humidity is worse. It rained on Monday and the weather  turned so nice that night and then it became bad the very next morning. Last night too there was nice wind outside,it was horrible during the day but was a little better during the night. This is about the summer here. The heat is increasing each day it gets worst from bad.

The only other entertainment we are having is the Indian Premier League. The only time we dont feel the heat or anything happening around us. All of us are glued to the T.V for 3 hours continously. As last time all of us support the Hyderabad’s team the DECCAN CHARGERS. Last year they were on the bottom of the table and this year they are on the top four since the start of the league.

And I hav been learning cooking and Alhumdulillah doing good there too. Have learnt all the basic hyderabad daily dishes. And chacha is so impressed with my cooking that one day he came when I was in the kicthen and told me ” Tu jis ghar main bhi jaayegi accha naam kamaingi”. My eyes suddenly filled with water.  And yesterday He especially asked Chachi to inform me to make tamatar ka saalan.

Have been watching a lot of movies this summer. The old ones ofcourse,coz there arent any new good movies out this summer coz of the IPL. Watched Mughl-e-Azam. Man I love that movie so much. Watched the Raaz 2,Guru,Apharan, Zinda,10 Things I hate about you, Liscence to wed [the zillionth time]. Have been inti the tv soap Miley Jab Hum Tum. We watch that soap for thehandsome Mayank. He’s such a cutie pie. Have been watching a lot of TV this summer [ our good luck] :P.

So,after the results have been thinking about colleges and the course I wanted to opt. Dad gave his strict instructions that I shloud take nothing but B.Com [Bachelors of Commerce]. Am not that happy with the course,tough I will be taking the course I wanted to [Mas Comm] as a 2 years certificate course, hich mean extra classes.. Yaaaaayy!! I louve college :). A few fromalities left till I get admitted into one of the best colleges of Hyderabad. St Ann’s. Inshallah everything will be done by wednesday. have to go n collect my certificates from my college.

Right now am at my Khaala’s place been in my Naniyal since 2 weeks. The longest ever after nanima passed away. stayed a week at Mamu’s place and then came to Khaala’s. Enjoying a lot here with all the cousins. Went to some circus lat week it was a BORE. Having fun nights. Sleeping at  3 in the morning and getting up in the afternoon :P. Will be going back home in 2 days. My Phuphu arives tomorrow from Rajahstan.

So here’s all the update since the holidays started to now. DOnt know how much bored I will be when I am back home.


My Work 2

This poem is Dedicated to my BESTEST friend Laxmi. We have been together since class 3 and now its almost 10 years since we are together. We are totally opposite. Have different opinions about anything and everything. But still we are together. At school we were taken as example of what friends should be. A lot of people tried to make differences between us. We have been there for each other for the worst times of our lives as well as for the Best times. Even now she will be the first person I’ll go to if I have any problem and its the same with her. I’ll always pray that we live like this forever and ever. Ameen 🙂


Somehow I knew you were the one,
finding you is the prize I won

Years have passed and you are still here
all my crap only you can hear.

Days were there when I was in tears,
you held me tight and chased away my fears.

You will always remain in my heart,
even if we are miles apart

We have been together for over a decade
I hope that this love would never fade

We laughed together and cried together
may we live like this forever

May our friendship last forever
and may we never part from each other..

With all My love..



boredThat should be me in the picture above. God I am  BORED like HELL.The holidays have just started and I already feel like I have been home since a YEAR! And my college doesnt start till the end of JUNE. Man this is so bad I tell you. Am not doing anything else apart from helping mum in the kitchen [sometimes], sleeping atleast 12-15 hours a day,reading novels [ just finished Sophie Kinsella’s : Remember Me?] its a great book 🙂 ,chatting away iwth friends on the phone,waking up poeple in the middle of the night just to say : Hello This is MARIYA. Even reading novels is not gving me happiness now. I think I should better go and learn MEHNDI. Its my first and forever love. Will try getting my-self  somehwere they teach Mehndi. And I did college hunting for a couple of days last week and could only find two, out of which one is one is not possible coz its like 1 hr ride form home and the other one is one among the best. Dont know where I might end up. Mass Comm thats what I wanted to do and wil do Inshallah and apart from that may be physiology.  Dad wants me to do B.Com but I dont want to do accounting again. Cant bear numbers for th rest of my life :d

Anyways even after writing this,am BORED. Its so bad and hot here. And I am getting mad at poeple around me. Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!! Please someone help me Please..

Ps: Havent reast The Alchamist till now. Please dont kill me.. 😛

My Work…

Lately have been writing things. Came up with Two poems. Dont know how people might react to it. The poems are about the things that has been happening with me in the last few weeks. Both of them are a little sad,but that’s what has been lately.

The third poem is on the way not finding time to sit PEACEFULLY. Have  the last two lines pending :P..

So here comes the Poems…

Its Hard To Live Here :

Its hard t live here,

When there is no one to chase away your fears.

Things become worse each passing day,

Don’t understand what people say.

Feel like running away from here,

Where there is no one I can hear.

People cant bear to live together,

As they hate seeing each other.


As the world will come to and end one day,

All of us will turn into hay.

– Mariya Suhail.

Waiting For You…

I sit by the window all day long,

My eyes search for you all day long.

I search for your smile everywhere,

Even when I know I wont find it anywhere.

Each passing day you have made me smile and smile,

And now you seem to go away miles and miles.

All this is happening because of the lies,

Your silence brings tears n my eyes.

You call for a minute and then hand up,

It makes me cry till my eyes swell up.

I caused this trouble between us,

And I promise to clear it for the sake of us.

-Mariya Suhail.

This was written in a span of  3 MINUTES. Was just sitting by the window in a lovely weather and this came up.. 🙂