It feels just yesterday,when I started my Graduation. But its a year since I Graduated. The last year had been full of up’s and Down’s but Alhumdulillah Allah made me stronger each day. I never thought I could be so strong but Allah made it possible for me :).

I became and aunt and now have 5 amazing nieces. All of them are the most cutest babies I have ever seen. MashaAllah.

Things have changed and reading my older posts made me realise how stupid and child-like I have been even when I was 18. But Alhumdulillah with time Allah swt gave me the Akhal and guided me from wrong to right.

Alhumdulillah right now my life is like a dream come true, I work for Google ( through a vendor), I have the most supportive and loving family, The most amazing and understanding Fiancée, The wonderful friends. Each day I pray that all of this should always be like this In shaa Allah.


May Allah guide us all towards the right path and Always shower his blessings on us Ameen 🙂