1 Tell each other you love each other.

2 Never both be angry at the same time.

3 If you have to criticize , do it lovingly

4 Never bring up old mistakes.

5  Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled

6  Neglect the whole duniya rather than each other

7 Pray together at-least once a day

8 Remember behind every successful spouse is an exhausted partner

9 Remember it takes two to quarrel

10 When you have done something wrong,admit it

11 At-least once a day say something kind or complimentary to your partner

12 Do not go to bed more than 10 minutes after your partner

13 Listen when your partner is speaking

14 Remember your spouse id more important that TV/Match/radio etc

15 Notice when your partner is wearing something new or had a new hairdo

16 Remember anniversaries

17 Thank your partner for the gifts and efforts on your behalf

18 Last one up,make the bed

19 Notice when your spouse looks tired and do something about it

20 Never run your partner down or criticize them in public