As salaamalaikum 🙂

I am in Dubai the second vacation in the year alhumdulillah ( first being KSA)

Soo.. Dubai… Hmmm nice place..more lively than KSA…(the only difference I found). Same malls malls everywhere. May be her we might find a few more fun places like ski Dubai. Beaches in both the places, huge stupid buildings. I have no idea what they get by making such tall buildings. Now they are making anothe structure in Jeddah taller than the Burj khalifa.( it seems they waited untill the number of floors were openly declared for khalifa to strt their own stoppid structure)) aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Madess.

The other thing I like about this place is the Food, hugeee variety of food..
But but.. Nothing can beat al baik (Jeddah ) yummm!!!

Maaaan!! I have just been talking about food all the time since I came back from KSA in july!!!

Soo.. Basically UAE n KSA are. More or less the same

Dubai is like Riyadh

Sharjah is like Jeddah

I saw all those wonderful cars of which we only heard or read.

And the other place we went to I. Al ain… Raas al khaima( sorry if the spelling is wrong)
that’s a wonderful wonderful place 🙂

that’s all for now!!

Allahafiz 🙂