I have been away for like.. I dont even remember. :P. I have been going mad with my projects and the college work. The last month had been a MAD one,with so much to do and no time. 3 projects which took like 45 days for me to complete. And the hardwork we all did was worth. The final projects were a big success,the teachers appreciated our efforts and we all were given Grace marks for that.. lalalalaallal!! After that we had our pre-final practicals. FIT and BOM were good,Accounts wasnt that well.

A lot happened in the last month,for instance my cousing sister got married like within 10 days. The groom’s side people came to see her on Jan 3rd and they got married on Jan 13th :P. It was like a shock for everyone. Only the Nikah was performed,she still lives here with us. The Vidai is in July Inshallah.And another of my cousin is also getting married at the same time. Its going to be fun coz everyone is coming down here for the wedding :).

And yea the best news is that Inshallah me,mom,and maryam will be flying to Saudi this year for Umrah and spending the summer vacation. We came here in 1999 so its like a decade later we will be going to the place where we were born. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :).. am so excited :).

My niece has become such a brat,she ignore you if she doesnt like you. Do what all you can in front of her to make her smile,but if she doesnt like you she wouldnt even look at you face :P. And sometimes when she is in full JOSH she shouts like anything. Shes makin everyone crazy.. Mashallah she stands now,and holds things and talks back when we say her something,making all those cute faces. πŸ™‚ Mashallah!

Thats it for now. Will bebusy again till april 17th thats when my finals are going to end.. pheewww its a loooooooonnggggg time πŸ™‚