Finally I am done with my entrance exam for CA. It was kind of good,hoping that I might get qualified,Inshallah.

The test was based on Maths,Accounts,Mercantile Laws and Economics,with negative marking. You get a -1/4th mark for every wrong answer,[this is so irritating]. I have been studying like MADNESS for about two weeks and its was such a Β relief when the exam was done with. The results will be announced on Jan 15th 2010 Inshallah :). The paper was of 200 marks and you need to get 99.25 to be considered as PASS. Anything below that is FAIL. I felt really nice when I finished the exam, am praying that I should get over with it in the first attempt.

Anyways the college Re-Opened today after 10 days of Holidays,because of some stupid Telengana fight. Non-Voilence everywhere. The govt had a loss of like 27 crores.Buses were burnt,the glass pane of malls were smashed with stones and rallies all around the city. Hyderabad and its people are gone CRAZY! Madness everywhere. [Madness- the new word that I am saying for like everything]. Have to submit 3 project reports by the end of the month.Its going to e a serious hectic month for us. Phewww… and coz of this bandh since the last 10 days our Christmas Vacation is cancelled,am happy about it actually. I hate sitting at home. I louve my college and I feel so so goood there. πŸ™‚ :)..

Thats all for now. Will be updating about things soon Inshallah ..

And yeah My Niece has become such a monster. She’s 2 months and reacts to poeples voices perfectly. We all call her by different names. I call her Jaan-e- Mann, so wheneve I call her this she turns around to look for me and gives this BIG smile that makes my day wonderful. Mashallah πŸ™‚ Even when Dad talks to Her over the phone shes kinds of searches Him around the room to see where the voice is coming from. Mashallah she’s a very active kid πŸ™‚