1) LOVE:

99% of the Bollywood movies are made on love. Thanks to those people who think love is the most important thing in their life.  There is so much focus on romantic love and youngistaanis think that they should have  a boyfriend or girlfriend to survive! For those who are single – chill and enjoy your single status single-mindedly


There is so much hype about the weddings – right from clothes to the honeymoon. Married couples are bombarded with so many questions as if they are the first to get hitched! Agreed its one of the most important day of one’s life- but its not the only one


We are so addicted to bollywood that we want to know every detail of our favourite star we want to know what they eat ,drink,where they go for shopping. Who is dating who and who is getting hitched,birth of  a star kid. Seriously how is ti going to help us?? Get a life


Despite knowing that beauty is only skin deep people are so obsessed with it. We want to fix our crooked nose,get cheek implants,get tummy tucks. And we love “Fairness Creams”. Thanks to sillly ads people rush to buy any beauty product and they dont mid emptying their pockets for the. Just learn to love the way you look and you will be much more happier


There is nothing much to say about cricket except that we are all cricket fanatics.  Yes all of us. Here’s a test: can you name a single hockey player’s name? (its supposed to be the national game of India). There are other games that are interesting too

6) Gold:

We dont even have to say how much we love gold. Women are so infatuated with it- they will wear it from head to toe(no matter how expensive it is). Artificial jewellery is so much cooler and not to forget cheaper too


All of us have faced this problem- our parents want  us to choose maths or science right after Xth standard. Right at our birth they decide that  ” one should become a doctor,the other engineer”.TYPICAL!! For the millionth time there are other streams to choose form – Literature,journalism,music,arts,business.

In my view I think all these are just overrated things. This was like a tag so I tag

– Miss Specs

– Haris Gulzar


– Haleem


– Leena S