boredThat should be me in the picture above. God I am  BORED like HELL.The holidays have just started and I already feel like I have been home since a YEAR! And my college doesnt start till the end of JUNE. Man this is so bad I tell you. Am not doing anything else apart from helping mum in the kitchen [sometimes], sleeping atleast 12-15 hours a day,reading novels [ just finished Sophie Kinsella’s : Remember Me?] its a great book 🙂 ,chatting away iwth friends on the phone,waking up poeple in the middle of the night just to say : Hello This is MARIYA. Even reading novels is not gving me happiness now. I think I should better go and learn MEHNDI. Its my first and forever love. Will try getting my-self  somehwere they teach Mehndi. And I did college hunting for a couple of days last week and could only find two, out of which one is one is not possible coz its like 1 hr ride form home and the other one is one among the best. Dont know where I might end up. Mass Comm thats what I wanted to do and wil do Inshallah and apart from that may be physiology.  Dad wants me to do B.Com but I dont want to do accounting again. Cant bear numbers for th rest of my life :d

Anyways even after writing this,am BORED. Its so bad and hot here. And I am getting mad at poeple around me. Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!! Please someone help me Please..

Ps: Havent reast The Alchamist till now. Please dont kill me.. 😛