Lately have been writing things. Came up with Two poems. Dont know how people might react to it. The poems are about the things that has been happening with me in the last few weeks. Both of them are a little sad,but that’s what has been lately.

The third poem is on the way not finding time to sit PEACEFULLY. Have  the last two lines pending :P..

So here comes the Poems…

Its Hard To Live Here :

Its hard t live here,

When there is no one to chase away your fears.

Things become worse each passing day,

Don’t understand what people say.

Feel like running away from here,

Where there is no one I can hear.

People cant bear to live together,

As they hate seeing each other.


As the world will come to and end one day,

All of us will turn into hay.

– Mariya Suhail.

Waiting For You…

I sit by the window all day long,

My eyes search for you all day long.

I search for your smile everywhere,

Even when I know I wont find it anywhere.

Each passing day you have made me smile and smile,

And now you seem to go away miles and miles.

All this is happening because of the lies,

Your silence brings tears n my eyes.

You call for a minute and then hand up,

It makes me cry till my eyes swell up.

I caused this trouble between us,

And I promise to clear it for the sake of us.

-Mariya Suhail.

This was written in a span of  3 MINUTES. Was just sitting by the window in a lovely weather and this came up.. 🙂