I was wondering since a lot of days about the Salaam we [muslims] do to greet people who come to meet us or we go to meet them. I always thought that we have to bow to people while doing the salaam. I the pasr few years I have realised that in most of the sayings its always said that “we sould not bow in front of nayone other than that of Allah [swt].” But still people all over the world bow to their elders when they do the salaam! we must stop people form bowing down to people other than Allah[swt]. In our family its like a sin if you dont bow down in front of your elders when greeting them salaam. The give you such dirty looks I must say. First they look at you from top to bottom and then vice-versa. After that they talk behind your back,”usku dekhe?? jhuk ke salaam ich nahi kari. “did you see her? she  didnt even bow while greeting salaam”. This is how it goes in our family. I strongly think that poeple must stop themselves and stop others also from bowing in front of anyone except Allah[swt].I know it’ll be difficult in families,like mine where salaam plays a very important role. I am not saying then people must not greet salaam,but they must make sure that they dont bow in front of their elders while doing so. Instead of bowing you can shake hands or hug them, and for men you can just greet salaam standing if front of them or even from a little far. Its not written somewhere or said by someone that we should bow in front of our elders while greeting salaam. We must always first think before greetingif we are permitted to bow? We do a lot of things wrong,but at the same time we can also stop doing small mistakes,cant we??

                                                     The purpose of salaam is to say “peace be upon you” so its not necessery that we bow and greet salaam,we can just say “salaam alaikum wa rehma” from where ever we are standing cant we? Do we really have to bow in front of someone?  Cant we change this mistake and make sure that we arent bowing in fornt of anyone except Allah[swt]? Cant we tel other people what we learn and make them good people? Dont we want to get the sawaab of spreading good thins all around the wolrd? Yes we can and make sure than all of your friends out  there tend to get this habit. Our elders didnt stop this even when they knew this, but when we know this why cant we stick to it and make sure that people around us are trying it too. In the beginning it’ll be difficutl  for a lot of people like me,the family and all. But lets make it sure we follow this and reduce one mitake of the lot of mistakes we do!!

                                                So all those people who will read this please let your other friends know that bowing in front of anyone except Allah [swt] is a sin, and earn your Sawaab. 🙂